About Us

We are a youth development organization providing at-risk youth with educational, emotional, and spiritual skills for success through long-term mentoring relationships.

We collaborate with individuals and groups in the community to increase awareness of kids' resilience and to support their success. Save Our Youth mentors bring experience, compassion, and time to provide kids a caring advocate by their side.

The History of Save Our Youth

  • 1993

    Denver’s “Summer of Violence” exposed the dire straits kids were facing throughout the city. Random shootings and increased gang activity involving local young people demanded a response, and area leaders organized to identify and address the issue.

  • 1994

    Save Our Youth is established. Through mentor relationships, we sought to address the educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of youth who struggled with life's challenges.

  • 2013

    To address a need for career guidance and improved wages, we facilitated the launch of another 501(c)(3), The Master's Apprentice. This organization prepares young men and women for well-paying jobs in any number of trades.

  • 2015

    In response to requests from school administrators and concerned community members, we expanded our programming to the Parker community.

  • 2018

    We serve over 300 kids around Denver through an all-encompassing mentoring program.

Staff Members

Well-trained, highly experienced, and eager
to help mentors do great work.


Luis Villarreal

Executive Director & Co-founder

Trudy Swain

Associate Director & Co-founder

Marianne Verdecchio

Office Manager

Nancy Villarreal

Database Administrator

Dean Millard


Ana Villarreal

Donor Development

Jose Silva

Donor Relations

Keith McVaney

Education Director

Angela Maher

Mentoring Specialist

Dan Frederick

Mentoring Specialist

Ethan Smith

Mentoring Specialist

Lisa Laws

Mentoring Specialist

Lyndi Jones

Mentoring Specialist

Matt Lange

Mentoring Specialist

Board Members

Representing an wide range of industries,
they guide the vision and direction of the organization.

Carl Lansing

Carl F. Lansing, P.C.

Katherine Broome

Meritage Midstream

Jonathan Alfonseca

Thomas Garage

Jeffrey W. Barker

Anton Collins Mitchell, LLP

Matt Duntsch

Rapid Technologies

Scott Flores

Die-Cut Technologies

Kenneth L. Jackson

Kenneth L. Jackson & Associates, PC

Sinahy Ruiz

Ruiz LLC

Lindsey Sittko

Fast Enterprises

Adrielle Stanley

African Community Center

Wayne Williamson

Plexus Capital