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The Collaborative Journey

2019 has been a year of transition and celebration for us. Our CEO Russel Dains is wrapping up his first full year at the helm, and, just a few weeks ago, we honored the legacy established by our founder Luis Villarreal. Such a time has been a fitting occasion to reflect on our history and the many people, organizations, churches, and corporations who have contributed to this story.

We exist because of the collective concern of Denver’s youth-serving community. Kids around the city were struggling, and pastors, social workers, parents, and a host of others joined together to address the growing crisis. After months of sharing insight and diagnosing the issue, mentoring emerged as one obvious and feasible antidote. With the support of key individuals and area churches, Save Our Youth began the vital work of connecting invested adults with kids in desperate need of one.

Today, we strive actively to maintain relationships developed over the past three decades, while also identifying new organizations, companies, and churches with whom we can partner. We continue to enjoy collaborative interdependence with this network of support, eagerly availing expertise and resources to one another. As an established mentoring program in Denver, we have also served influentially in the formation and growth of Mentor Colorado (the statewide collaboration among over fifty mentoring organizations).

Looking ahead, we anticipate the need for even greater collaboration with community stakeholders, as needs grow in number and complexity alongside increased competition for resources. We are excited to explore creative ways to partner in service of the volunteers, families, and kids we serve. (We have even been upping our marketing game lately with the help of our friends at Sticker Mule and their awesome promotional buttons.)

Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments as seek to extend our reach to more kids around the Denver area.