Mentoring in Parker

In 2016, after more than 20 years serving the immediate Denver area, Save Our Youth began working in Parker.

This development came in response to community calls for a mentoring program to address the distinct challenges of suburban youth. Consider joining the team of mentors!

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Making a Difference

Save Our Youth currently serves students at Legend High School,
Cimarron Middle School, and Sierra Middle School.

Through regular time spent with their mentors, students
consistently grow more connected to their families,
neighborhoods, and schools.

Mentoring FAQs

Save Our Youth Parker

Without Save our Youth in my life, I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to establish a clear view of where I want to be in the future.

Summer Academy helped me grow in my academics. This was also a fun experience for me. We made a lot of new memories and new friends.

I know that I don’t have to worry about my future now; I’ll be going in the right path thanks to SOY.

People like my mentor and the interns throughout summer academy have always been a support system for me in times when I need it.

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