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The Collaborative Journey

2019 has been a year of transition and celebration for us. Our CEO Russel Dains is wrapping up his first full year at the helm, and, just a few weeks ago, we honored the legacy established by our founder Luis Villarreal. Such a time has been a fitting occasion to reflect on our history and … Continued

Passing the Baton

Because of SOY mentors, many struggling youth in 2018 received the needed emotional, spiritual and educational support to encourage their lives. God designed children and youth to be “innately wired to connect” with others, particularly caring adults like mentors to guide them. SOY’s ministry of mentoring has changed the direction and trajectory of many young … Continued

#connection: Expanding our Social Capital

“Where you live and whom you know – the social capital you can draw on – helps to define who you are and thus to determine your fate.” ~ Dr. Robert Putnam The building blocks of connection, per Dr. Michael Karcher (   The Executive Director of Save Our Youth often says kids are a … Continued